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Trending Japanese Nail Art 2024

Japanese nail art, popularized by artists like Miho Okawara (Mihonails) and Mei Kawajiri (NailsbyMei), has gained widespread recognition in recent years. The style is characterized by its use of 3D nail art and often incorporates elements of the “kawaii” (cute) aesthetic that originated in the Harajuku fashion district of Japan. While the Harajuku style has evolved over time, many Japanese nail artists continue to embrace the kawaii aesthetic, creating designs that range from cute and playful to creepy and eerie. If you’re a fan of kawaii nail art, be sure to check out some of the top Japanese nail artists working today.


RORO Nail is a talented Japanese nail artist who has been creating customized nail art for clients for over eight years. Based in both Tokyo and Ibaraki, RORO Nail has developed a reputation for their ability to bring their clients’ visions to life on their nails.

One of the most popular requests for RORO Nail is for anime-inspired designs, which often feature one detailed nail on each hand and embellishments for the remaining fingers. In addition to anime-themed designs, RORO Nail also creates more personal and sentimental designs, such as the set of nails pictured above, which were created for a client who had recently given birth. However, RORO Nail’s skills extend beyond just anime and personal designs; they are capable of creating a wide range of unique and creative nail art.

Ayaka Shinohara

Ayaka Shinohara is a talented nail artist who is part of Nail Salon Wiz and has gained a devoted following for her extravagant “bling bling” designs. Shinohara is known for creating luxurious, sparkling nail art that she describes as “bijou,” using a wide range of embellishments such as diamante butterflies and Swarovski crystals. In addition to creating breathtakingly beautiful nails for her clients, Shinohara also creates her own custom bling blog nail attachments.

Shinohara’s style is characterized by her use of dazzling, sparkling elements and her attention to detail. The nails pictured above are a typical example of Shinohara’s “kira-kira kawaii” (sparkling and cute) style, which is sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. If you’re looking for truly opulent and eye-catching nail art, be sure to check out Ayaka Shinohara’s work.

Momo Akagi

Momo Akagi is a Japanese nail artist based at the virth+Lim nail studio in Aoyama, who takes a subtle and understated approach to her craft. At first glance, Akagi’s nail designs may appear ordinary, with their use of conventional patterns and subdued colors. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Akagi’s designs are anything but ordinary.

Akagi’s nails feature delicate, intricate illustrations of a wide range of subjects, including vegetables, weather patterns, and traditional kimono outfits. She also includes more detailed imagery, such as mountains and other landscapes, in her designs. Despite their small size, these images are meticulously crafted and add a unique touch to Akagi’s nail art. If you appreciate subtlety and attention to detail, be sure to check out Momo Akagi’s work.

Made Misaki

Based in Jingumae, Shibuya, Made Misaki is a Japanese nail artist who is known for her sparkling, kawaii nail art. Misaki’s designs are characterized by their use of glitter and gems, and she often creates long, pointy nails that are sure to turn heads. Her popularity has led to her being fully booked for months in advance, with customers eager to wear her signature sparkly nails.

Misaki’s kira-kira (sparkling) style is truly one-of-a-kind, and her attention to detail and use of glitter and gems sets her apart from other nail artists. If you’re a fan of glitter and want to make a statement with your nails, be sure to check out Made Misaki’s work.

Art By You

Natsumi is a talented nail artist based at the Art By You nail salon in Osaka, Japan, who has gained a significant following for her kawaii “gyaru” (a Japanese fashion subculture) nail art. Natsumi’s designs are inspired by the gyaru style, which became popular in the 1990s as a way for Japanese girls to rebel against traditional Asian beauty standards and embrace bold, colorful, and sexy fashion.

Natsumi’s nails embody the gyaru aesthetic, featuring bright, neon colors, big glitter sparkles, and embellishments like body bars and beads. These elements help to give Natsumi’s long, pointy nails real impact and make them stand out. Over the past few years, the gyaru style has experienced an ironic resurgence in popularity, and Natsumi’s nails are a great example of this trend. If you’re a fan of bold, colorful nail art, be sure to check out Natsumi’s work.